Calm Colouring

Calm Colouring
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Calm Colouring is designed by quilter Jacqui Lenaghan. 

The sense of achievement gained by finishing something…even just colouring in a design is joyful!  

The one thing above all else that makes Jacqui Lenaghan happy is colour!

Whether that’s playing with a multitude of colourful fabrics for her next quilt, cutting or buying some fresh flowers to brighten up the house or just getting out pencils and colouring in a design. 

Jacqui loves designing and sewing new quilt patterns, together with a multitude of colourful fabrics, and colouring in the design first forms part of that process. 

If you’ve ever suffered from depression then you’ll know the benefit gained from just relaxing, doing something you enjoy – something that’s fun! 


If it’s not perfect then that’s OK, it is meant to soothe your soul, calm your feelings through colour.

Calm Colouring

Author: Jacqui LenaghanISBN: 9780992307042Published: May/16Publisher: Love & Write PublishingPages: 106Size: 100mm x 149mm

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