Design Services



You’ve worked hard on writing your book. Now let our experience turn that work into a professional product with a look and feel you can be proud of.  

Sara, creative director and production manager, will be with you every step of the way. She is a professionally trained graphic designer with a bachelor of arts in graphic design and over 7 years of experience working in publishing, who will help you achieve your vision. She will oversee the complete design and printing process from designing a compelling cover through to the internal layout design.

Cover Design

At Love & Write, you are in complete control of your cover options. Sara will work with you to make sure your vision is clearly conveyed to your audience.

She will guide you through the complete design process and provide you with professional options to select from and customise that will suit your needs. In the end though, you will have the final say on how you want your book or cards represented.  



internal design & Production

Sara prides herself on creating intriguing, modern and unique covers, text pages, cards and packaging that really speaks to the audience. From full colour layouts to black and white guidebooks, she can create professional, legible layouts to draw the reader into your book.  

Box design is another one of Sara’s strengths having a major in packaging design from one of the major universities in mid Sweden region. She is professionally trained in pre-press and print production techniques and will ensure your product meets the printer's specifications.


In making your book or card deck materialise, Sara manages the entire production process, from manuscript to finished product. She works directly with the printers and liaises with the editors and proofreaders to bring your product together.

With our expertise, we can ensure the quality of your book will allow booksellers to position it alongside the very best books from other major publishers from around the world.


For more information about our Design Services, just get in touch.

what our Authors say

Love & Write Design services exceeded my expectations. 

Their designers gave me a number of options in covers as per the contract and worked with me to finesse the final cover.  They matched my brand very closely and produced internals for my cards that were spot on. The outcome was the professionally designed product that I always wanted

- Muffy Churches  (Author of Coach Yourself  & Coach Yourself Catalyst Cards)