Distribution services



If you can’t get it into peoples hands, they can’t read your work. This is why distribution options are one of the most important factors when selecting a self publishing service. It can make the difference between a good return and a great return on your investment. 

Paul is the brains behind handling Love & Write Publishing’s logistics and distribution department.  He will look after your distribution needs from the warehouse to the reader’s hands, including keeping you informed as to where your books are and what has sold. With over 25 years in operations, including 11+ years running Rockpool Publishing, your distribution is in safe and successful hands. 

Book Selling Services

Your book or cards will be sold into the Australian market through some of the largest independent gift and book distributors in the country.  By working with the distributors we double your sales exposure to both book and gift stores.

With each product we will manage the complete end-to-end service of bookselling, warehousing, remitting, reprinting and reporting the sales for your product.   We also offer end-to-end solutions for eBooks options.


Reporting and reprint

Love & Write will provide you with regular sales and stock reporting so you can be empowered with the information you need to manage your book or cards.  We also work with you on all the reprinting requirements, so you never have to worry about your book or cards going out of stock.

For more information about our Distribution Services, just get in touch.

What Our Authors Say

Working with Paul at Love & Write, you instantly feel how switched-on he is behind-the-scenes of publishing. My Energy cards were my first works ever to be published, and now knowing that Paul is the man responsible for achieving the links between publisher, bookstores and the wider audience, I’ve grown through the incredible process and am that much more confident as an author since working with Love & Write in 2016.  
Seeing my card sets throughout major bookstores such as Dymocks is always surreal excitement and I can’t wait to release more powerful publications with them again.

- Donna Byrne (Author Infuse Your Life with Energy cards, Infuse Your Grief with Energy cards and Infuse Your Emotions with Energy cards)