Donna Byrne

Donna Byrne

Donna Byrne was born in West Wyalong NSW, later in her years during 2010 she moved to New Zealand on her own which thus ultimately lead towards the beginning her spiritual path, studying multiple forms of energy work including Reiki Healing with a traditional Maori Healer.

Her time in New Zealand allowed Donna to experience strong, personal connections with Earth and nature being surrounded by the beauty of New Zealand's lands. Inspired, Donna incorporated her newfound connection into her art therapy work and spiritual healing sessions with her clients.

Donna Byrne's work has since evolved into a successful following and her first healing card deck is born from her energy art in Infuse Your Life With Energy, a nature-based healing oracle etched with beautiful and emotionally charged patterns that were driven by Donna's goal for people to connect and heal, children and adults alike.

Donna currently resides in Melbourne, Victoria and works with clients on energetic art therapy sessions focusing on grief, relationships, forgiveness, support, life encouragement and healing.

"My goal is to help people identify and become aware of the patterns they have created to allow them to start the healing process within their own lives for encouragement, growth, connection and ultimately, love." ~ Donna Byrne

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