Elisabeth Jensen

Elisabeth Jensen is a gifted spiritual healer, medical intuitive, trance channel and psychic medium. A modern mystic aligned with the Archangels and ancient Egyptian Divinities, Elisabeth started her psychic work when she experienced a sudden spiritual awakening in the year of 1992, spontaneously receiving a miraculous healing by an Angel during an intensely challenging period of her life. Long standing major physical and emotional problems disappeared seemingly into air from the Angel's presence and healing energy, causing a remarkable overnight change as Elisabeth awoke with strong psychic awareness. Elisabeth today is now known as a Triple Award Winning Psychic.

Combining her new gifts of spiritual healing and startling prophetic abilities, Elisabeth began deep research and study into the field of Energy Healing and Psychic Communication also including gaining a Diploma of Hypnosis & NLP. Elisabeth was originally trained as a Registered Nurse and Midwife with a Diploma in Community Health Nursing.

Elisabeth first established Centre For Complementary Healing Studies in 1996 and has since trained many healing practitioners and spiritual teachers throughout Australia, Asia, the USA, Egypt and the UK regions. Elisabeth's first Egyptian Mystery School was known as Isis Mystery School and  began originally in 2004 and in 2015 became Auset Temple Healing as Goddess Auset requested she return to using the correct ancient Egyptian name for Isis.

Having both experienced and witnessed so many challenges, losses and grief, it gives Elisabeth great joy to now provide find solace in spiritual answers and resolution for her clients through her trance channelling, psychic mediumship, healing and hypnosis skills.

Elisabeth's Latest Releases

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