Interview With The Psychic

Interview With The Psychic
Wednesday October 7th 2015

Interview with the Psychic
Words By Sabrina Muysken  

The Term ‘Psychic’ evokes a vast array of cliché thoughts. Horoscopes, crystal balls, con-artists, and ghostbusters – for many, these are some of the words that immediately spring to mind. We’ve seen these so-called ‘Psychics’ saturate our television screens and have all too often walked down the library ‘Self-Help’ aisles, where books on spirituality take refuge.

As human beings dubiety inherently plagues our perception towards the unusual or unknown. We often opt to overlook psychic phenomena due to its inexplicable nature, throwing these paranormal inklings onto the crazy pile. Yet there still remains that quizzical question, what if? A question that beckons some of us, including myself, to consider the possibility of the unexplainable.

When sitting down with renowned Sydney Psychic Kerrie Erwin one thing is clear: skepticism doesn’t phase her in the slightest. For Kerrie encountering dead people is nothing extraordinary. In fact, it’s just everyday life. “It doesn’t bother me. I’ve always been very different,” exclaimed Kerrie. From a very young age hearing, seeing, and even speaking to the spirit world has been her reality. “When I was sleeping, spirits used to wake me up at night. I would hear their footsteps, then sure enough I would look up and someone would be standing right above me,” she recollected. “I didn’t know what they wanted; I was too scared to even ask.” Not dissimilar to most children, Kerrie grew up petrified of the dark. For the dark, as she explains it, is where the spirits live. “In the dark they’re there, they touch you and they can do things. I was terrified! That’s why when I see a lot of mothers’ with children I always tell them to put a light in their room.”

I was then somewhat surprised to discover that Kerrie leads her very own séance group. For those of you not down with the spiritual lingo, séance is an ancient form of mediumship where people make direct contact with the dead. Essentially a spirit inhabits a mediums body and communicates through them. Eerily, a séance scene is staged at night time and requires utter darkness. From moving objects to jewellery being suddenly ripped off, Kerrie has seen it all.

“When I first started doing séances spirits would follow me home. My children would call out from another room and I would have to go and get rid of them. I’ve even done spiritual rescues where I’ve been thrown across the room, but that’s another thing all together.”

 “I’m a Psychic and a Medium.
Most people have one or the other.
I have both”

Séance is but one of the many spiritual platforms Kerrie works across. With accreditations in spiritual mediumship, clinical hypnotherapy, past-life regression, vibrational medicine, and healing – just to name a few – she ultimately classifies herself as both Psychic and Medium.
A Psychic being someone who tunes into a person’s energies through various techniques such as tarot card reading, whilst a Medium communicates directly with spirits. “I’m a Psychic and a Medium. Most people have one or the other. I have both,” Kerrie modestly acknowledged.

With that Kerrie began firing off seemingly outlandish statements about my very own life. She addressed my career aspirations, family history and, of course, my love life. Nothing appeared off limits to her finely tuned capabilities. I found myself in awe of not only her accuracy but her precision to detail. How could she know these things? I asked myself. I went into our meeting considering myself a ‘believer’ rather than a skeptic, but it wasn’t until I was confronted with some startling truths that I truly considered the possibility of an actual spiritual realm.

It’s hard to believe work as a Medium is solely consumed by love and light. When asked on bad experiences Kerrie immediately reflects on her time assisting the Australian police force. “Working with the police just wasn’t Kerrie Erwin for me. Dealing with murders was too dark and overwhelming. I’ve met some really bad spirits. They have a very dark energy, they’re hard to get rid of and it’s very draining.”

Undoubtedly Kerrie would make for the ultimate dinner guest, with more fascinating stories to share than I have words. The next best thing would be reading one of her five books, specifically her latest release Sacred Soul: healing stories that bind us to love. Stories of pushy poltergeists, reincarnated love, and overly amorous spirits are just a few of the quirky tales.

“I’m very passionate about writing down my encounters and experiences with the spirit world. Everything in my book is real life stories. It’s about educating people and giving them a bit of hope and faith that they’re not alone.” Kerrie hopes her books provide some solace for the psychically inclined as well, especially those starting out on their spiritual journey.

“I hope my books help young mediums. I really hope it gets easier for people like me. This is my legacy to encourage young Psychics, young Mediums, and everyone out there to step into their power.” When probed on how to decipher the quacks from the spiritually gifted, Kerrie smiles and cryptically says, “Trust your instincts. You’ll know.”


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