Jacqui Lenaghan

Jacqui Lenaghan

Born in the Central West of New South Wales, Jacqui Lenaghan has always had her eyes and heart set in seeing and discovering the world in its most authentic way, hands-on as possible, that during her time traveling through Eastern Europe and the Middle East assisting as a humanitarian aid worker, Jacqui became inspired by the women in Middle Eastern refugee camps who were making original hand-sewn quilts in the most vibrant colours and exquisite patterns she had ever seen -amazed at how they were able to produce such beautiful works of art in the face of adversity.

Back home in Australia, Jacqui took her inspiration, completing a Bachelor of Arts degree and made her first quilts by hand with no sewing machines and began a new career as the Master Quilter of her business.

Calm Colouring is Jacqui's first book, bringing forward her passion for creative patterns, european taste and her spiritual heart throughout each of the pages. Every quilt of Jacqui's patchwork designs are drawn by hand, and naturally, this style is carried within Calm Colouring, bringing a unique and fresh take on the world of colouring-in. From geometric patterns and spiritual mandalas to quirky nods to her past european travels, Calm Colouring exists to bring a sense of inspiration, wonder and peace back into the heart of the hands that draws.

Jacqui Lenaghan currently resides in the NSW Southern Highlands, enjoying her antiques and perfecting her craft with quilting.

Jacqui's Latest Releases

Calm Colouring