Muffy Churches

Muffy Churches

Muffy Churches is an integrative coach-therapist, who works internationally. A corporate trainer, executive coach, speaker, author, and counselor, she has extensive experience in inspiring and initiating positive behavioral change in clients around the world.

She is the upcoming author of: Coach Yourself COMPLETE Revolutionize Your Life in 7 Steps!

Muffy’s fascination is with the power behind our ‘mind-set’, the notion that ‘what we think is what we experience’. She knows first-hand how our default thought patterns affect our personal and/or professional performance- how important it is for us to move from self-limiting, negative thoughts to ones of positivity and strategic personal vision.

With an initial career as a professional dancer and with a Master’s Thesis from UCLA titled the “Psychology of Performance”, her world has been immersed in an attraction to explore the ingredients of a great performance – what it is that allows us to function at our peak with family, friends or at work, as opposed to being hobbled by any variety of mental barriers that reduce our effectiveness. Essentially, what new thinking will allow us to maximize our potential and lead the confident, self-fulfilling life that we envision?

Her career path has always been connected by a common thread- one of guiding others to excel within their role. Muffy’s initial venture in the corporate world in 1995 was her own company, “Power Performance Management Training”. Her talents were then acquired by the global training company ASK Learning, where she served as a senior leader, facilitator and executive coach for 11 years.

Her current company, Beyond Focal Point, of which is a division, was established in 2011 with a goal to play an operative role in guiding individuals to enlarge their personal and professional potential to drive results while engaging in effective, stimulating and motivating relationships with direct reports, colleagues, customers and family.

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