Sacred Soul Spaces - Kerrie Erwin at Waverley Library

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Sacred Soul Spaces - Kerrie Erwin at Waverley Library

Sacred Soul Spaces - Kerrie Erwin at Waverley Library
Monday May 22nd 2017

Following on from the successful reception of the engrossing Sacred Soul book, Sydney-based Psychic Medium Kerrie Erwin directs her expansive knowledge of the spiritual world into the fresh and inspiring Sacred Spaces, a new book for those who are drawn to the intuitive parts of themselves and desire to turn the home into a sacred temple.

Dedicated with love for dreamers, creatives and passionate souls, Kerrie opens the door to the ones who want to create their dreams into reality and manifest the best into their lives.
Sacred Spaces teaches you to:
-Clear spaces from energetic blockages
-How to create a sacred spiritual space
-How to manifest your inner hearts' desires with energy grids for the home or office.
-How to connect to your own spirit guide & angel helpers in your sacred space with meditation.

Within Sacred Soul Spaces at Waverley Library, Kerrie shows you how to open up to your psychic gifts, take control to clear energetic clutter in your home, and bring back spiritual balance and harmony into the lives of those within their own household.

"With upmost blessings, love and respect to my beloved family, friends and all the people I have had the greatest pleasure of crossing paths with in the past, present and future, I dedicate this book to you" -Kerrie Erwin, Author and Psychic-Medium

PLEASE NOTE: Tickets will become accessible within four weeks before event starts. Bookings are essential as numbers need to be accounted for the limited spaces available. An Eventbrite link will appear here in early April 2017.

Speaker: Kerrie Erwin
Author of: Sacred Soul (Love & Write Publishing)
Location: Waverley Library, NSW
Date: 22nd May 2017
Time: 6:30PM - 7:30PM (Subject to change)
Cost: FREE