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So You Want To Be An Author? Waverley Library

So You Want To Be An Author? Waverley Library
Wednesday November 2nd 2016

What are the real costs of making a book? What can go wrong? What does a writer need to know?

These questions are just some that will be addressed in this interactive workshop, as Lisa shares with you the best-kept secrets of the publishing industry today. Gain a deeper insight into the mind of a Publisher and the rise of independent publishing as a real option for aspiring and recognised authors alike.

Explore genres of books and current trends; how to promote yourself as an Author; how to deliver the perfect pitch on your manuscript; the pros and cons of an agent and understand the advantages and challenges in Traditional Publishing Vs Self-Publishing.

Lisa Hanrahan has over twenty five years experience in the industry , her roles ranging from accounting, through to the production of over three thousand books to date and is currently Publishing Director of Rockpool Publishing and Love & Write Publishing. Learn from Lisa how to get your book Published and Promoted successfully to a local and international audience.

PLEASE NOTE: Tickets will become accessible within four weeks before event starts. Bookings are essential as numbers need to be accounted for the limited spaces available. An Eventbrite link will appear here in early October 2016.

Presenter: Lisa Hanrahan, Publishing Director
Date: Wednesday 2nd November 2016
Time: 6:30PM
Location: Waverley Library; 32-48 Denison St, Bondi Junction NSW2202
Cost: FREE